Recent Work

Clinical Trial Dashboards


The dashboard offers key information, metrics, and data that enable stakeholders to quickly identify actions that need to be taken, to assess status of their sites, and to navigate to and interact with data within Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) application.

Digital Asset Management Portal

dam-feature-imgthis digital asset management (DAM) system is a branded storefront for life sciences customers to promote their assets and to simplify the experience for consumers to browse, search, and download assets.

High-Capacity File Uploader


This enhancement to Vault’s platform upload expands functionality to allow for the upload of many documents in asynchronous batches. The Vault system can now to manage rich media and larger that typical document formats that are common for when working with video working files, this enhancement increases file upload limit to 100GB.

Site Header with Customizable Navigation


This adjustable site header accommodates the addition of a configurable navigation feature, which allows an administrator to customize their application navigation bar to add custom tabs to direct links to popular pages, so an application’s important content is easily accessible.

DateTime and Date Range Picker Widgets


This date range picker widget designed to quickly populate date range form fields with a single dropdown. For date fields that validate from collected fields, the offered range dynamically adapts to disable dates that are not a possible option.

Inline Search Modifiers


Search modifiers allow users to search within any single text field rather than searching all fields at once. Users are able to express search criteria within a specific boolean, picklist, lookup or object reference field (all metadata applied to a document). Search modifiers return more precise search results and narrow search results quickly and efficiently directly from the global search bar.

Reporting and Dashboards


Reports make it easy to answer important questions about your content. You can use reports to organize, analyze, and share any data related to your documents and processes. Reports can be structured to run a tabular or matrix report.

Document Viewer and Annotation Tools


Annotate is designed for editing, collaborating on documentation entirely within Vault. Features include text, line, and image notes, inline syncing reference documents and supporting documents, note tagging, in-document text search, customizable notifications on updates, imported Adobe Acrobat bookmarks, and viewing full page documents as page thumbnails.