Lifelong creative, improviser, humanist, optimist

More than a designer, I’m a problem-solver at my core. The most exciting solutions are those that alleviate confusion, insecurity, and frustration and empower people in some way. Some of these solutions will involve technology. The interface for this technology should be calm and simple. It should fill the user with a sense of understanding and control. It should enrich their experience, not demand their attention. It should support them. It should make their lives better. It should honor the diversity of people and experience.

I’m interested in making a tangible improvement in people’s lives with technology that is thoughtful, human-centric, and elegant.

Originally from Edmonton, Canada, I transitioned to software via web design via marketing via educational and trade publishing via the types of jobs everyone should have in college. While not developing the iconic interfaces we all know and love, I enjoy cooking, live shows, gardening, reading paper books, exploring my local habitat, fostering cats, and feeding my news-junkie habit.

I’m pretty sure I invented the iced coffee in 1998; though I’ve never enjoyed any royalties from this. I’ll humiliate myself at karaoke if you do too. I speak excellent English and embarrassing, but intelligible French.