Digital Asset Management Portal

Digital Asset Management Portal

The Problem

Pharmaceutical and life sciences customers with existing Vault accounts need a simplified way to share assets with their third parties without giving those parties direct access to their Vault account. Assets are updated often, and monitoring use of obsolete versions was painstaking for all parties. 

The Solution

Built as a premium feature to integrate with the Vault platform, this Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a branded portal or “storefront” for Vault users to publish their promotional assets and to simplify the experience for their third-party vendors to browse, search, and download assets per pharmaceutical product.

Assets already approved in the Vault platform are surfaced automatically for occasional users and third parties that require access to content prepared for public use. A Digital Asset Management portal eliminates obsolete versions in circulation, reduces replication, and uncontrolled sharing. The Vault system generates a filtered view of assets from the Vault repository based on relevance for the users from the source.