Site Header with Customizable Navigation


Site Header with Customizable Navigation

This adjustable site header accommodates the addition of a configurable navigation feature, which allows an administrator to customize their application navigation bar to add custom tabs to direct links to popular pages, so an application’s important content is easily accessible.

Standard tabs are Home, Reports, and Dashboards—which cannot be removed from the navigation. Containers can be added and used to build a dropdown menu of pages. The header is fluid; reducing the width of the browser adjusts the size of elements within the header to fit the available width. The tabs in the orange navigation bar flow into an overflow tab with cascading menus, if they exceed with width available.

Administrators can configure the tabs displayed to their team and modify the menu structure to uniquely tailor their Vault application to their departments’ individual needs and permission requirements. Tabs can be organized into containers, which can hold up to ten tabs. Tabs can be reordered to the Administrator’s direction. Configuration settings have an intuitive edit and reorder mode for Administrators to define the tab structure without assistance from Customer Support.

Configurable Tabs interface to create and edit tabs

Configurable Tabs interface to reorder tabs