Document Viewer and Annotation Tools


Document Viewer and Annotation Tools

UX Lead for Vault’s document annotation tool, a core feature available on the platform. Annotate is designed for editing, collaborating on documentation entirely within Vault. Features include text, line, and image notes, inline syncing reference documents and supporting documents, note tagging, in-document text search, customizable notifications on updates, imported Adobe Acrobat bookmarks, and viewing full page documents as page thumbnails.


annotate inforcards



Initiate a new image or text note by selecting text or defining an area in the document. A dialog box appears in which you can type a comment, add tags, and customize the note color and copy-editing markup.

Vault Annotate tool - add note dialog


Use the line drawing tool to create a line annotation, which can be comprised of multiple, disconnected lines as a single group. Customize the line color and thickness. Line annotations can also have comments and tags added to them.

Vault Annotate tool - line tool


Bookmarks defined in Adobe Acrobat are included in PDF file  upload and can be viewed and navigated within the document viewer.

Vault Annotate tool - bookmarks sidebar


Documents can be viewed as page thumbnails to navigate across multiple pages and quickly view annotation count per page.

Vault Annotate tool - thumbnail view